Strawberry Picking at
Cappeny Estates

School Tours

Many schools have added a Cappeny Estates tour as a must-do yearly excursion.


What Is It?

Learners will receive a brief introduction into strawberries and the fascinating facts about this wonderful fruit. Our tour guides will talk to you about Cappeny Estates’ history and the various farming methods of growing strawberries. You will see how strawberries grow and learn how to correctly pick a strawberry.

The tour ends with strawberry picking. Each paying learner will take home a container of strawberries.

When is it?

Monday-Friday during strawberry season
• School tours are by booking only
• Please call ahead to make a reservation
032 815 1168

What do I do when I arrive at the farm?

• Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the tour is scheduled.
• Before the tour starts use the restroom, apply sunblock, get your hats, leave your bag behind and get your water bottle ready!
• No other containers are permitted in the fields, except for the ones provided at the farm for picking strawberries.